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The particular challenge here was the cladding of the listed facade.

Under strict conditions and almost invisible to the observer, we let 52 clouds of different sizes float in the Digital X in Cologne’s city center and turn a Mexican restaurant into a telecom experience world, the EasyLounge.


Pretty in pink: The focus of this project is clearly on Telekom and its services. In the EasyLounge, you could get advice from the service team over delicious burritos, get information on the nationwide fiber optic expansion and even try out fiber optic splicing for yourself.

All of this was accompanied by rich basses from the DJ of the partner Teufel, to which you could relax, but certainly didn’t have to sit still.


Pink carpet, magenta-colored fabric clouds, designer furniture and 3D letters made of Re-board® create a unique, surprising Telekom experience with a high long-distance effect.


Tellekom, EasyLounge 2023


For the 3D letters in this project, we opted for fully recyclable letters made from Re-board®.
This consists of multi-layered, very thick corrugated cardboard and can be completely recycled after the event.


This is roughly how much of the material used we store for the coming year. In addition to the furniture and the entire facade cladding with all the little clouds, the large sign as well as the banner and the 3D letters from the interior can be used several times.